You probably didn’t see it, but I was totally on Jeopardy the other night (just go with it). I made some pretty simple mistakes though. Let me recap for you:

ME: I’ll take “Well Oiled Machines” for $200!

ALEX:Your car needs this every 3,000 miles…

ME: What is an oil change?!

ALEX: Yes; go again!

ME: I’ll take ““Well Oiled Machines” for $400!

ALEX: Your home HVAC system needs this twice a year…

ME:(looks confused)

<<<beep beep>>>

ALEX:What is “A Tune-Up”… “A Tune-Up”…

ME:(thinks to self) Hang on! My furnace needs a tune-up?! My air conditioner needs a tune-up?! I thought I installed those things and they ran themselves. What do you mean they need a tune-up? What is there to even “tune?!”

Needless to say that after this simple mistake I spiraled out of control and came in last place. I couldn’t get HVAC tune-ups out of my head! If only I had known the answer to that question. I could have been the greatest Jeopardy champion that there ever was… Let me to save you the embarrassment that I experienced on Jeopardy and make sure you understand just what kind of maintenance your home HVAC system needs.

The idea of a HVAC tune-up twice a year is quite simple actually. There are two components to most home systems: heating and air. This is why you need the tune-up twice a year. In the spring, before summer sets in, you want to tune-up your home’s AC unit and get it ready for the long, hot days of summer. In the fall, as the seasons change, you want to tune-up your home’s furnace and get it ready for those long, cold winter nights. Each of these units spend roughly 4-6 months of the year working hard to keep you comfortable and healthy. That’s a lot of work! And so, we’ve got to do a few things to ensure your equipment is running safely and efficiently BEFORE the weather changes and you end up with a damaged AC or broken furnace.

So how do we do a tune-up…

A furnace and an air conditioner, just like your car, have a lot of moving parts, electrical components and even fluids that all work together to make the machine work. During a tune-up the different components of your machine are checked for cracks and damage. Now, you’re probably thinking, “This thing never moves; how is it going to get cracked or damaged?!” Well, drastic changes in temperature (which is EXACTLY what these machines process) can cause metal and plastic to change shape and possibly crack. So we get in there and inspect all major machine components to ensure they’re in good, working order. While we’re in there, we’re going to clean the sensors that tell these machines when to come on and turn off, and possibly change the machine’s filters. Your technician is going to make sure the moving parts inside all operate freely (this includes fans and motors) and give certain parts a little lubricant to keep them twirling and spinning with ease. Fluid and gas levels, even internal air pressure are all going to be checked and adjusted to optimum operating levels. And don’t forget your thermostat! The operation of that handy little computer is going to be calibrated to your freshly inspected and cleaned machine. And that’s just the basics!

If you’re interested in getting into the nitty-gritty of Hartman’s precision tune-ups click here for heat and here for AC!

A good HVAC tune-up is worth its weight in gold; it is what makes your machine run efficiently, helping you to “go green” and save money immediately on utilities. It’s also going to extend the life of your machine, maximizing its value in the long run. Money is nice, but the most immediate benefit you’re going to see is in day-to-day comfort. No more hot and cold spots in your home. No more on-again/off-again furnaces or air conditioners. No more thermostats that are telling you it’s 72 degrees when CLEARLY it’s only like 65 in here!!

**We service the Wasatch Front (Sunset to Lindon) and Wasatch Back (Park City); additional fees may apply for travel outside of those service areas.