Your home's fireplace is a charming addition that you enjoy every time you feel a chill. If the rest of your home is undergoing an upgrade or you have more of a contemporary style, the old rustic charm of your burning stove can be more of a deterrent than you'd like. Here are some remodeling projects you can consider to make your fireplace stand out as a beautiful conversation piece rather than just an ashy eyesore.

Upgrade the Surrounding Brick

Brick is commonly used behind fireplaces because it is cost-effective and resistant to heat. Fire bricks are often used in the actual construction of a fireplace as well. You can give your heat source a small yet impacting upgrade simply by exchanging your traditional brick background wall for more modern textured stone or stone that is cut in a brick shape for classic application.

You can purchase pre-cut stone slabs in a variety of hues to match your home's design best. Taupe and natural green, white, and gray stone is very popular. When buying stone for your fireplace project make sure to buy excess pieces in case you need to replace cracked or chipped stone in the future. This way, you can continue with the same color scheme you originally upgraded to without having to try and match your existing unique stone with new pieces.

When designing your new stone fireplace, you need to decide if you want a rustic appeal with the stone's natural shape creating texture or if you want a more streamlined, contemporary design where the stone is cut for a flat finish. Your fireplace remodeling expert can help you decide if rough-cut, smooth, round, or textured stone is best for your project.

Upgrade with Vibrant Paint

You can have your fireplace painted a vibrant color even if you use it all the time. Your heating and fireplace technician can prime your brick against stains so it can easily adhere to your new paint hues. While white is a common fireplace makeover color, you can choose any color you want (just make sure to use a fire-resistant paint if you are painting the inside of your firebox). Consider painting your fireplace sunny yellow, peachy orange, off-white, or even a solid black for visual appeal.

You can also simply whitewash your current brick if you want to keep the natural appearance while lightening it up a bit. Your former red brick can be whitewashed to reveal off-white, gray, and even bluish tones when finished for a classy appeal.

Upgrade to Glass Doors

Your traditional fireplace doors or grate can be upgraded to beautiful glass doors to give it a more modern appearance. As a bonus, new glass doors can help maintain heat and prevent loss of warmth at the same time, which can make your fireplace much more functional to use. There are several styles of glass fireplace doors to choose from that your remodeling expert can show you.

Upgrade to a Gas Log

If you are tired of dragging in wood to heat your home, you can easily upgrade your heat source to a gas log fireplace. A gas log is heated using a thermostat and switch while still emitting a natural-looking flame without having to light a fresh log every time. Ask your fireplace expert if converting to a gas log over your traditional wood fireplace is the best choice for your home.

Whether you are installing a fireplace for the first time or you want to give your current wood burner a makeover, our pros at Hartman Heating, Air and Fireplaces will be happy to assist you. Call us today for your fireplace remodeling needs to transform your home in amazing ways.