Staying Comfortable Through Awareness - Signs Your Air Conditioning System May Need Repair

As the warm summer months continue to stretch on, reliable performance from your home's air conditioner is absolutely essential. When comfort and relaxation turn to heat and frustration, however, you might find yourself struggling to figure out what went wrong and searching for warning signs that you may have missed.

Though it may not offer much reassurance, many people do miss some of the more direct warning signs that a problem could be developing in their air conditioning system. You may not be alone in that group, but there are things you can do to help make sure you don't continue to end up in it in the future.

Below, you'll find a guide to some signs that your air conditioner may be in need of service or repair. The first thing you can do to guarantee more consistent maintenance is to learn about the early warnings, and keeping an eye out for these can guarantee that you remain as cool and comfortable as you've always wanted to be.

Inconsistent Air Delivery

Modern thermostats are highly accurate, and the readings that they take can help guarantee that your home is held precisely at the steady temperature you select. This has benefits for efficiency as well as comfort, as slight adjustments will prevent your blower motor from having to work overtime to catch up. This can reduce your air conditioner noise to a dull background sound that may go largely unnoticed.

If that changes and your system starts to blow heavily and inconsistently, it can be a sign that your thermostat readings are off. Inconsistent readings can deliver mixed messages to your blower motor, and that inconsistency is likely to be the cause of your temperature control struggles. Part of that consistency, however, is maintaining a hands off approach and avoiding the temptation to constantly adjust your temperature settings.

Standing Water

When the temperature outside is hot and you want to keep the temperature inside your home cool, a little condensation may result. That's fairly normal, and the dehumidifying system in your air conditioner can help to moderate that moisture level. What's not normal, however, is a steady stream of water forming in pools underneath your compressor or other parts of your unit. Standing water is much more likely to be a sign of damage than hard work.

Make sure that you occasionally check around the components of your air conditioner for any standing water. If you find it, you should attempt to source the origin so you can more accurately describe the problem to your service technician. Water, however, poses an obvious electrocution risk. If you have any hesitation at all about approaching your air conditioner because of the water around it, make sure that you shut off the power at your service panel before doing so.

High Energy Bills

If there are internal problems with your air conditioner, your first warning sign might be perceived more directly by your wallet than your eyes and ears. An efficient air conditioner should consume a steady amount of electricity, keeping your energy bills consistent and manageable.

A spike in those bills can be a sign of a mechanical issue in your air conditioner as it attempts to keep up with the weather. In some cases, your power company will even be able to identify the source of the increase and confirm those suspicions.

Hartman Heating, Air and Fireplaces has the experience necessary to respond to all of your air conditioning maintenance needs. Turning to the professionals for service can guarantee that your vigilance becomes results and can be an important step in keeping you cool and comfortable.