Maximizing Heating Efficiency at Home for More Savings

Many people love Utah weather for its four distinct seasons, but that doesn’t change the fact that the winters can be downright cold. To stay comfortable during the coldest parts of the winter months, many homeowners use—and even abuse—their home heating system. While this might achieve the goal of staying warm and toasty, it could be costing you a lot of money and it isn’t the most energy efficient.

Keep the warmth indoors and the cold out with these essential tips for home heating efficiency.

Extending Longevity

The winter months are the time when homeowners use (and sometimes overuse) their heaters. For this reason it’s critical that you have regular maintenance done on your furnace or other HVAC system. This ensures that your heater will keep you and your family warm today as well as for many more winters to come.

Ensuring Functionality

One of the most common ways that homeowners use more energy than is necessary is by heating an entire home when you’re only using one or two rooms. Look for features that can give you control over which rooms you need to heat, or close vents in rooms when you’re not using them to avoid wasting energy. Consider turning the entire thermostat down a few degrees and cuddling up under a blanket, or wearing a sweatshirt to preserve energy.

Guaranteeing Insulation

The amount of heat you use is about more than just the temperature outside—it’s also directly related to how well your home can hold the heat that is produced inside. It is very common for homeowners to use more energy because their home lacks proper insulation. Upgrade your insulation and make sure windows and doors have ample sealing so heat does not escape through hinges, cracks, and crevices.

Keep the heat in and the cold out. Hartman Heating serves the “Hart” of Utah homes and offices. Whether it is gas furnaces, heat pumps, radiant or zoned heat, you can be sure we’ll keep you warm and cozy. Call us today to give your house the true warmth of home.