First things first: My name is Jessica and that’s me up above.
Second: I’m just like you. Remember that. And, don’t worry; we’ll address this point in just a paragraph or two.

If you had told me, even a week ago, that I would be building a career in heating, air, plumbing, electric, solar, roofing AND construction I would have told you that clearly you don’t know me very well. But then everything changed. An opportunity to become a part of a booming, local, family owned business arose and I quickly realized that HVAC and its sister trades are so much more than noble, blue-collar occupations. Heating and air, plumbing, electric – these are integral parts of our daily lives. They affect the development of our children, the comfort of our relaxing evenings at home, our contributions to the communities in which we live… Heck! They even affect how we sleep at night. That’s kind of a big deal.

There is one problem however. I’m not a HVAC, plumbing or electric specialist. I have a month’s worth of professional experience in these fields. Like I said earlier: I’m just like you! I have a basic homeowner’s knowledge. I know that a furnace heats our homes and an air conditioner cools them. I know that water heaters let me take long, hot showers, and that we need to make sure our pipes don’t freeze in the winter. I know that most of these systems are going to require some maintenance and I know that I’m not always too sure about what that entails.

So what does this huge career change mean for me? And, more importantly, what does it mean for you? It means that we get to navigate this exciting new world together! You and I have the unique opportunity to get to know the systems that power our homes on a whole new level. I get to take that knowledge and use it to help our clientele and further this unique family business. You get to take that knowledge and use it to change your day-to-day living by growing your understanding, reducing expenses, going green, improving the comfort levels of your home and so much more!

I bet you’re wondering how this is all going to work. I knew you would. That inquisitive mind is what I like about you. We are going to get to know HVAC, plumbing, et al through this here little blog – it will be a journal of sorts. As I gain experience and settle into my place here at Hartman, I am going to chronicle my learning and growth. I am going to explain services and products that we here at Hartman offer as I learn about them; share both personal experiences and customer experiences in real-time. And, because I’m just like you, it’s going to be in words that you can understand. I’ll review products, field questions, find answers, and explain the components of your home that directly affect its comfort and value.

Maybe you’re a first time home owner. Maybe you’re a renter. Maybe you’re looking to save some cash or make your home energy-efficient. Maybe you just want to know what the heck is going on in your walls and in your basement. It doesn’t really matter! What does matter is that we are going to become experts in this together. And, personally, I think that that’s kind of exciting.