In Utah the weather can quickly go from being cold and icy to warm and sunny, especially during the volatile months of the spring. As the last part of winter leaves the Beehive State and welcomes in some of the warmer weather of summer, now is a great time to start thinking about your heating and cooling system so you can avoid extreme weather swings and keep your house cozy all year.

Securing Roof Leaks
Use spring to check on your roof for major leaks. Roof leaks can provide a passage for cold or hot air to enter your house through the attic, and for rainwater to enter your home when it drizzles. You should also reinforce insulation materials that will keep the temperature at a more constant temperature throughout the year.

Check for Necessary Window and Door Repairs
Apart from roof leaks, cold air may seep through cracks in windows and doors, especially those that are older. Repairing these cracks is essential in minimizing your utility bills since neglected cracks let out cold or warm air that your HVAC unit is working so hard to crank out.

Adjusting Ceiling Fans
Most ceiling fans have mechanisms that enable you to reverse their direction, and this feature can be used when temperatures change. The clockwise motion will help circulate warm air around the room during winter season while a counter-clockwise rotation creates a cool breeze during warmer season.

Heat Pumps
More than the ceiling fan, installing heat pumps can help you improve your home temperature. Instead of using fuel or energy to produce heat, the pumps utilize the air already in your house and push to other colder areas. This may also help dispel heat during warmer seasons.

Do not wait for your heating or cooling system to break before you get it checked out. Take these small steps that will not just benefit you during summer, but all throughout the year. Hartman Heating and Air Conditioning can help you with installation on heat pumps and all your HVAC needs. Contact us for more information.